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The Volga is the main integration factor that unites all regions of Privolzhye. It is the largest river in Europe. An area settlement and economy development are connected with use of this waterway.

The Volga is the main irrigating system for the Zavolzhja lands (35 % of the Russian grain are gathered in the region). 40 kinds of food fish found in this river.

Rich resources of hydrocarbonic raw materials are the second integration factor. The area enters in Volzhsko-Ural oilgas province. Privolzhsky federal district is named "the second Baku". This region has oil specialization. Except huge stocks of oil and gas, there are unique stocks of potash salts (about 96 % from all prospected resources of Russia), large resources of phosphorites (60 %), zinc, copper, cement raw materials, silver, gold, mineral waters.

Today the region is a monopolist on manufacture and processing of potash salts. This production uses huge demand in the international market. Today about 80 % of the Russian fertilizers go for export.

In the Volga region the largest complex of the machine-building manufactures connected partially with military-industrial complex is concentrated. There are known powerful production associations of motor industry, aerospace technics. On the basis of local sources of raw materials the chemistry and petrochemistry are developed.




It enters into the first five regions of Privolzhsky federal district on industrial output per capita, to indicators of the foreign trade turnover and foreign investments. Besides, in the Samara region monthly salary is higher than in other regions. The Samara region also stably wins first place in Privolzhsky federal district on average incomes and a turn of retail trade per capita.


The Samara region occupies the area of more than fifty thousand square kilometers. It is situated in the central part of Russia, one thousand kilometers from Moscow, on the average watercourse of the Volga on its both coasts.


3306,7 thousand people, including city – 81 %.

Industry. Economy

Automobile and space industries are key industries of the Samara region.

There are 400 large and average and more than four thousand small enterprises with various patterns of ownership in the Samara region.

The Samara region plays an important role in manufacture of the major industries kinds in Russia: motor industry – 74,3 %, oil – 3,2 %, electric power – 2,7, automobile gasoline – 9,2, synthetic rubber – 20,1, linoleum – 40, bearings– 24, mineral fertilizers – 3,3.

According to the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, the Samara region takes the third position through Russian regions by a complex estimation of social and economic development of Russian Federation subjects and the second place by investment appeal.

The bank system of the region consists of 24 regional commercial banks and 26 branches of large commercial banks of Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

In the Samara region there is a central administrative board of the Central bank, about 160 investment funds and companies. Banks carry out large credit investments in regional economy, first of all in the industry, trade, transport, building, agriculture, innovative projects financing.


Foreign affairs relations

The Samara region occupies one of leading places among regions of the Russian Federation on foreign trade volumes, has stable trade and economic relations more than with 100 countries of the world, keeps commercial relations with the CIS and Baltic countries, enters into first ten regions of Russia on volumes of attraction of the foreign capital. On the far abroad countries it is necessary about 90 percent of export and more than 80 percent of import.

деловой визит в США

In the Samara region competitive export production of mechanical engineering is made (cars, automobile technics, machine tools, oil products, aluminum hire, bearings, wide spectrum of chemical complex production, fertilizer, synthetic rubber). The largest project with foreign capital participation is creation the enterprise for manufacture of cars Chevrolet by concern GM and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank together with "AvtoVAZ" in Toglyatti.


Special economic zone

In August, 2010 Vladimir Putin, the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation has signed the decision about creation of a special economic zone, industrial and production type in the Stavropol area of the Samara region. It is the key project «the Complex investment plan of modernization of Toglyatti in 2010-2020», directed on a diversification of city and region economy.


The government of the Samara region conclude an agreement with 11 potential native and foreign residents on their placing in SEZ. In particular, such agreements signed with state corporation "Rostechnologij", company «Pirelli», Joint-Stock Company "Group Himeks", Joint-Stock Company «Renfors - New technologies», etc. Investments under the coordinated projects should make to 41billion roubles. The majority of projects is in enough high stage of readiness. Since 2012 these enterprises may work.

Means of federal and regional budgets will be involved in realization of building engineering, transport, social and other infrastructures. The government of the Russian Federation plans to allocate not less than 7,193 billion roubles, the Samara region -774 million roubles. Also on these purposes means of off-budget sources will be used.

The territory offered to creation of a special economic zone, is located in the Stavropol area of the Samara region, in immediate proximity from Tolyatti on a platform in 660 hectares. About 20 thousand hi-tech workplaces will be created. Tax privileges will be given to residents of SEZ. Among them - clearing for the term up to 5years from the tax to property, the ground tax, a reduction in tax for profit to 15,5 %, introduction of a mode of a free customs zone, and also a number of privileges and the preferences provided by the regional legislation.